About Hindoology Books

Hindoology Books, an imprint of Pustak Mahal, endeavours to restore the great wealth of knowledge and wisdom – Scientific, Social, Ethical, Religious, Spiritual – that our forefathers have wisely and diligently saved. Nurturing a definite aim to establish Hindu Dharma as the first Dharma for all Human Being, Hindoology Books publishes books on Religion and Spirituality; Yoga and Health; Sanskars and Rituals; Rishis and Sants; Gods and Goddesses; Life and Wisdom; Purity and Moksha; Ethics and Philosophy. 


Hindoology Books are published to establish the fact that Hindu Dharma is not the concept of one man and is not based on one Scripture. The percept and knowledge was given by God. The Rishis envisioned and gave written form to it through numerous books called Vedas and Veda-vangamaya which are infinite and indomitable. These Books are published to make those things lie down in the most ancient and authentic Granthas written Rishis, Munis, Sants, Poets, Scientists, Astrologers, Philosophers available to common readers who are harbingers, torch-bearers and backbones of the society, country, culture, and civilisation.  It helps in connecting Indians to their roots so that can regain their original strength.


Hindoology Books are meant for ALL; they are for Goodness, Light, Sweetness, Fragrance, and Liberation.  


Some of our Bestsellers include:Hindu Rites, Rituals, Customs and Tradition, Hinduism: Clarified and Simplified,Gain Wisdom – Maharishi Patanjali Way!, and so on.