100 Lessons To Live Life Blooming

100 Lessons To Live Life Blooming

100 Lessons to live life Blooming covers a wide range of topics from diet to worship, from body to spirit, from conjugal relations to spiritual glory, from desire to renunciation, from avarice to non-possession, from rapacity to charity and illuminates all aspects of life – personal, social, physical and spiritual.

The author has looked at life with the eyes of a connoisseur, evolved a point of view, lived according to it and then recorded the impressions left on him. Hence reading this book is like entering into discussion with life to find out a path through confusion and ignorance to attain peace of mind.

The book exhorts us to cast away our earlier misconceptions and give a new direction to our life. Let us think for a moment: What are the lanes and bypasses we trudge everyday? What are the ups and downs we meet on them? Where do they lead us and where do we actually land in the end? We are rational beings capable of reaching great heights. We should identify them and prepare ourselves to surmount them.

About the Author

Out of his busy professional life Gopal Das has squeezed time to ponder over things impartially, discovered ecstatic truths and couched them in a commendable language so that it might come alive and inspire the readers to shape their practical life accordingly.

Gopal Das Sonkia, son of Bhagwan Das Sonkia, a famous Gemstone Dealer, was born in 1947 at Jaipur. He lives in a joint family with his six brothers under the benevolent shadow of his mother. He is a successful Gemstone Dealer – polite and generous by nature and endowed with tender feelings and gentle speech. For him the fountain springs of life are character, sanskaras and dedication to truth. He is highly religious and charitable and has related his experiences in this book.

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