M.K. Gupta

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Control Your Anger

This book makes a sincere attempt in exploring scientifically various dimensions of anger and sugg..

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Food That are Killing You

Depending upon our constitution and metabolism, a food-item may do us more harm than good. But then..

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Healing Through Reiki SOLD OUT

Healing Through Reiki

The book facilitates a scientific understanding of ' Healing through REIKI’ and endeavours to impa..

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How To Control Mind and Be StressFree

This book is an attempt to unite Science and Spirituality. It first deals with the nature of mind,..

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How to Overcome Fear

Fear is one of the deadliest enemies of mankind. After anger, fear too is another one of the most ..

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How To Remain Ever Happy

Everyone wants to be happy all the time but only very few are able to sustain it for long. To stay..

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Layman Guide To Chronic Diseases

A self-treatment guide for chronic diseases! An easy guide for you to know about nature causes and..

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सदा खुश कैसे रहें?

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