Hamlet to Hilton

Hamlet to Hilton

Meet Girish Pandit, the 'little mouse' – honest, hard working, intelligent but guilty. Born in a remote village of India which had neither electricity nor sanitation, Girish grew in unhygienic surroundings amidst superstitious yet gullible villagers. He had his initial education in Temple School and later migrated to a town along with his family. As he grew up in a colony which was part of sugar industry, he was exposed to the real face of corporate India, which proved shocking and changed his mindset.

The black soot emanating from the industry slowly started staining the life of the people around. The industry slowed down its operations to finally close it one fine morning. The people dependent on the unit go into a shell-shocked mode. With all their dreams shattered, they are left in midstream to get drowned. Will some of them manage to reach the shore?

'Hamlet to Hilton' is a tale of the industrial revolution and corporate mismanagement. Girish Pandit's journey from the remote hamlet to a corporate hospital is relevant to contemporary India. Many people still suffer in silence for all corporate misadventure and pay penalty for a crime, they never committed.



Muralidhar Joshi MD, DNB, is the Director of Joshi's Institute of Pain & Kamineni Pain Management Centre at Hyderabad, encompassing a multidisciplinary pain programme. He is considered as one of the pioneers practicing Pain Management

in Asia.

He has authored several books on medical literature and is the recipient of many awards.

As life marches on, Dr. Joshi watches several lives suffer, endure, recuperate, live and die. The element of stoic acceptance comes about inevitable aspects of life. However, the one definitive war Dr. Muralidhar Joshi wages, with love for humanity, and hope in its possibilities, is the dictum that 'Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional'.

Through his books and lectures, he aims to create awareness about 'inner beauty and simplicity' as the goals of life.

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