Hindu Rites Rituals Customs And Traditions

Hindu Rites Rituals Customs And Traditions

Rites, rituals and customs play a major role in the life of every person, irrespective of religious affiliations. However, this is more prominent in the case of Hindus. Right from the time of conception and birth, up to a person`s passing away and even after it, rites and rituals follow a Hindu at all times, much like a shadow.


This book answers it all.

Why do Hindus offer prayers to Ganesh before a special occasion?

What is the significance of the many incarnations of Gods?

Why do Hindus consider Tulsi the most sacred plant?

Why do married women wear a mangal sutra around the neck?

Why is care of parents the best service?

Traditionally, family ties among the Hindus have remained strong, no matter where they live — America, England, Russia or Japan. Rites and rituals have passed down the generations. Unmindfull of the rationale behind a particular occasion, the yough of today continue to observe them scrupulously, quite often in a  truncated form.

21st Century youth want facts to decide what they can accept or reject. Effort has been made to research the authoritative texts and put together into a small compendium the origins of 145 How's, Why's and What's of rites, rituals, customs and traditions that enliven the Hindu's daily existence.

About the Author

Educated in Dehradun and New Delhi, Prem P. Bhalla enjoys photography and travel, having travelled widely in India and abroad. Besides running his own business, he is deeply involved with several social welfare and educational institutions. The author has also been involved with the Rotary movement for over 40 Years.

Mr. Bhalla has written several self-improvement books and is particularly interested in the welfare of youngsters. The author gives group lectures on personality and career development too. He has also authored it's time to live-up Smart, The portrait of a Complete Man, Hello!Just Married or About the Marry, 7 Mantras to Excel in Exams and 50 Moral Tales, as well as co-authored, The book of Etiquette and Manners, all published by Pustak Mahal.

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