Prof. Shrikant Prasoon

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16 Hindu Samskaar

Samskars make living easier, better and fuller, if performed as they should, with right earnest..

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Buddha Recalls and Explains

Buddha Recalls and Explains is a biography of the Enlightened One based on his Teachings. Gauta..

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Knowing Guru Nanak

The grace and wisdom that Guru Nanak got from the Ek Omkar, he showered on and shared with ‘all’. H..

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Knowing Sant Kabir

Kabir is definitely one among the sages, saints, poets, writers and thinkers who have shaped, mold..

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Rishi & Rishikas SOLD OUT

Rule the World-Chankya

Chanakya is an unrivalled personality whose parallel cannot be found in history. Many people admir..

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The Divine Mainpulator Krishna The God Who Played A Manipulator

From his very appearance on the earth, Shri Krishna used his divine powers till his departure from..

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